Boxer Dogs as Hunting Dogs

Boxer Dogs as Hunting Dogs

Boxer is a German-bred dog usually of medium-sized with colors ranging from fawn, brindled and white. They are bred from a combination of old English bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser. Boxer Dogs are part of the Molosser group. This set is a group of solidly built, big dog strains that the entire descend from a similar common ancestor, the big shepherd dog identified as a Molossus.

About Boxer Dogs

They are by nature is not an aggressive or vicious breed. It is an instinctive guardian and can become very attached to its family. Like all dogs, it requires proper socialization. The Boxers are usually patient with smaller puppies and dogs, but difficulties with bigger mature dogs, especially those of the same gender, may happen. Boxers are normally more relaxed with companionship, in either human or canine form.

The head is the most distinctive feature of the Boxer. The breed normal dictates that it has to be in ideal proportion to the body and overall it must never be too light. The greatest value is to be placed on the muzzle being of correct form and in absolute proportion to the skull. The length of the muzzle to the whole of the head should be a ratio of 1:3. Folds are always present from the root of the nose running downwards on both sides of the muzzle, and the tip of the nose should lie somewhat higher than the root of the muzzle. In addition, a Boxer dog for hunting should be a small prognathous, that means, the lower jawbone should project beyond the upper jawbone and curve a little upwards in what is usually called an “undershot bite” or “underbite”.

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Since the Bullenbeisser was a breed that was primarily used for hunting back in the 19th century, the Boxer retains most of those traits as well. The boxer dog as hunting eventually replaced the Brabanter Bullenbeisser, as they are “a lot easier to train”. Boxers are infamously great with “cooperation” and are fiercely faithful and respectful to their owners.

Important Notice About Boxer Dogs

Finally, a boxer dog could be the best choice to make for your hunting dog, as they work fine with other breeds, too. Their physical ability and dominant characters will give you a great helping hand, regardless if you’re hunting fast, smart or strong games.

Boxer Dog

To detail a bit on the Cons, Boxer dogs have a huge amount of energy. Boxers need plenty of mental and physical work out; at least 2 walks and mental exercise with training or playing games. If you are not somebody who needs to put time into a high energy dog, the Boxer is not the dog for you. On the Pro side of that, if you are active (i.e. running, jogging, hiking, etc) your Boxer dog makes for a wonderful companion for these outdoor activities and gives you a reason to get out and exercise. Just keep in mind; they need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Another Con is that they can be stubborn while you’re training them. You need to be a strong leader, have a lot of patience and give a lot of love. A Boxer dog is a very intelligent and quick learner. It’s just a matter of overcoming stubbornness. Boxers need a strong leader.

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To sum it up, a Boxer Dogs is sort of an all-rounder, it can be a great addition to the family and even in the fields, but as most dogs, its effectiveness as a hunter is highly reliant on its training and inborn hunting instincts, though they can be honed as well, making the boxer a worthy ally of any hunter.

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