Bear Archery BR33 Review

Bear Archery works hard to fulfill the importance of their customers, so when bow hunters spoke up and asked for a soft edition of its fast hybrid cam, the company listened. The new Bear Archery BR33 is highlighted by the new EAZ Hybrid cam, designed to blend the speed of a hybrid cam with the smooth feel of a single cam. A set of wide-base Max-Preload Quad Limbs are built to power with a light touch, while the Cross Lock limb pockets provide control and stability. Bear focuses on your shooting experience with the comfortable Versa Grip and signature dual Sonic Stop string-suppression system.

Bear Archery BR33 Review
Bear Archery BR33

That brings us to the 2016 BR33, which is packed with features and technologies from top to bottom. This includes the Max-Preload Quad Limbs, Hinge Guard cable-containment system, dual adjustable string suppressors, EAZ Hybrid cam system and much more.

EAZ Does It!

Bear experts were focused like a laser on making an eccentric system that combined the smooth draw of a single cam and the hard-hitting power of a hybrid cam. The output was modified track designs and the all-new EAZ Hybrid cam system. Bear advertises the BR33 at 330 fps IBO on a 7-inch brace height and 80% system let off. IBO speeds are recorded with the bow set to a 30-inch draw and 70-pound draw weight while shooting a 350-grain arrow.

No bow push is needed to correct Bear’s DrawDial method, which features rotating modules that are moved to specific draw lengths and locked down. Modules offer a range from 27-32 inches, capturing the lion’s share of all-male bow hunters. Cable draw stops on both cams are placed in holes that match up with the draw length. Optional limb stops are presented for each cam for those shooters who prefer an extra solid back wall.

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Loaded Up

Bear’s Max-Preload Quad Limbs serve to generate power while using a past-parallel position to tame noise and vibration. Limbs are prepared of Gordon glass and feature a machined belly profile planned to distribute stress across the whole limb, allowing increased stored energy. Limbs are matched into sets based on deflection values and available in 45-60 lbs and 55-70 lbs draw-weight options.

The new aluminum Cross Lock limb pocket system pivots during draw weight adjustment for maximum control. Limbs are also laterally controlled by the pocket sidewalls and between-the-limb spacers. The overall pocket is designed to give force and support throughout the shot cycle, especially where high-stress points are expected. The system also incorporates a Sonic Bond vibration dampener.

Command Central

A huge number of the Bear Archery BR33 features and components are straight tied into the riser, which is relatively long as compared to the bow’s 33 1⁄4 inch axle-to-axle length.  Bear’s near-net forging method needs tiny postproduction work to prepare the aluminum platform for use. Standard Realtree Xtra Green is film dipped, while solid finishes such as Shadow (black), Olive and Sand are powder coated. Each end of the riser is wide, back to front, to give a platform for the big limb pocket while also adding force, stiffness, and stability.

Bear Archery BR33 Speed & Energy
Bear Archery BR33 Speed & Energy

Bear’s signature double position SonicStop string suppression structure not only gives the company instant brand recognition but offsets the weight of accessories while fast taming string oscillation at the shot. Bear’s Hinge Guard has a cable containment block attached to an aluminum mounting arm that is hinged off-angle using a steel axle and Turcite bushings to control the motion and position of the cables throughout the shot cycle. The goal, of course, is reduced torque while providing adequate clearance for passing vanes.

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The Experience with Bear Archery BR33

The Bear Archery BR33 is a solid all-around bow that holds tight to the target and is fun to shoot. By adding a quality stabilizer, I was able to knock down the majority of low-level vibration and small jump at the shot. Cold-weather archers will love the warmth and comfort of the Versa Grip.  It should also be noted that this bow tuned easily and quickly for excellent arrow flight.

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Bear Archery BR33 Specification

ManufacturerBear Archery
Cam SystemEAZ Hybrid
Weight4.2 lbs (Advertised and as Tested)
Brace Height7 Inches
Axle-Axle Length33 1⁄4 inches
Let Off80%
Draw Weights45-60 lbs or 55-70 lbs
Draw Lengths27-32 Inches, in Half Inch Increments
RiserReflex, Machined Aluminum
LimbsMax-Preload Quad Limbs
StringBCY X, 62.81 Inches
Cables (x2)BCY X, 34.63 Inches (Bus) and 38.44 Inches (Control)
GripVersa Grip, Neutral Wrist Position
FinishRealtree Xtra Green Standard.
Advertised IBO Speed330 fps
Bear Archery
SUMMARYBear Archery Pledge Compound Bow review

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